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[mkgmap-dev] documentation improvement

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Mon Apr 6 15:46:12 BST 2020

Hi Gerd, please find attached a small patch that improves the documentation
primarily for the following, but with a few other minor tweaks:

removal of the statement about putting --description after -c template.args,
as this incorrect
simplification of the description of --style-file as this was confusing
clarification that the number of bytes are the file sizes in the Hill
Shading section

I note that the '' symbols used to denote arcseconds are being interpreted
as italic identifiers <i></i> by whatever process produces the web page. I
suggest this process needs to be changed so that this does not happen. I
have replaced the first mentions of '' with words. If the process cannot
easily be changed, I suggest that the remaining  '' symbols are replaced
with arc second or arc seconds.

I also note that the --dem-dists mentions that values should be a multiple
or submultiple of 3314 or 9942 then goes on to suggest values that are
multiples of 3312, which I believe is the nearest value to 3314 that is a
multiple of 16. I think the explanation needs some improvement by someone
who knows exactly how it works. I have been experimenting with various
values of --dem-dists - the default value of 9936 works fine for me at
higher resolutions in Basecamp, but becomes very blocky at low resolution. I
find --dem-dists=9936,9936,9936,9936,9936,9936,39744,317952 gives the best
results for my levels of 0:24,1:22,2:21,3:20,4:19,5:18,6:17,7:15. Based on
this, I'd be very surprised if the example in the documentation of
--dem-dists=3312,13248,26512,53024 for levels 0:24, 1:22, 2:20, 3:18 gives
decent results at resolution 18. However, not having any 1 arc second DEM
data, I can't try it.

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