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[mkgmap-dev] North Arrow on Garmin Devices

From Randolph J. Herber army.bronze.star at gmail.com on Fri Apr 3 00:30:55 BST 2020

The arrow occurs on Garmin provided maps also. It is generated by the 
operation of the device. I have more than a dozen Garmin devices. All 
generate a North arrow of some form. The direction of the arrow on the 
device depends on a number of factors: has the device moved since it was 
turned on and in what orientation was it instructed to present the map.

On 4/2/2020 3:05 PM, Pitney wrote:
> Hello
> Displayed on my Garmin devices with maps made with mkgmap is a North arrow that is beige in color. Not highly visible and I use the North arrow allot.
> I want to change this to a red arrow so that it is more visible.
> Is this possible via the .typ file or is this a firmware setting?
> I have searched but it seems I am the only one interested in this change.
> Thanks Pitney
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