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[mkgmap-dev] Strange behaviour in multipolygon

From Stefano Nannetti stefano.nannetti at gmail.com on Sun Apr 28 17:43:37 BST 2019

Thank you Gerd, it works. I used to download the data from the Export
section of openstreetmap.org, defining the bbox by hand and then clicking
on "Overpass Api" (not just on the Export button). Probably the http call
to Overpass misses an instruction to download the multipolygons completely.


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> Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2019 05:42:17 +0000
> Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Strange behaviour in multipolygon
> Hi Stefano,
> the problem with your file cardoso.osm is that the multipolygon is
> incomplete. With this data mkgmap tries to guess the shape of the mp and
> that fails in this case.
> I don't know how exactly you created the file, when I use JOSM to download
> an area from Overpass api the multipolygon is complete.
> Gerd
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> Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Strange behaviour in multipolygon
> Processing a small area in my region, I noticed a strange behaviour in the
> rendering of one multipolygon. In the original OSM map (see image A.jpg,
> bounds are 43.9978 to 44.0135, 10.2989 to 10.3228) the area along the
> street to "Cardoso" is a strip of empty land (untagged) sorrounded by a
> forest. This forest is a large and complex multipolygon tagged with
> natural=wood. Thus, the strip of empty land is defined by lines which are
> the outer members of the multipolygon (see file cardoso.osm). When
> processed with mkgmap, the result is somehow "inverted": the map shows the
> strip of land as wood and the area around as empty, both in Basecamp and in
> my eTrex 20x (see image B.jpg). To test the issue I created a simple style
> (see files polygons and points) containing only the file "version", the
> file "points" which defines only the rendering of places and the file
> "polygons" which defines only the rendering of the areas tagged with
> natural=wood. I cannot figure out if the problem lies in mkgmap or in the
> incorrect mapping of the area in OSM. By the way, the area is correctly
> shown in many online maps deriving from OSM data and also in the OpenMTBmap
> which I downloaded and installed in Basecamp. I'm definitely stuck. Any
> suggestion on how to solve the problem?
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