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[mkgmap-dev] Update of typ with correct codepage and special chars

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Fri Jan 25 19:51:09 GMT 2019


Thx for all the help and tips.
When using utf-8 and codepage 65001 together it works from txt tot typ and back to .txt
But it's easy to mess up if you (accidently) re-save from a typ-editor in the wrong txt format, so be careful.
Tested from .txt to .typ with mkgmap.jar

  *   In the previous version I made a mistake when restoring a backup column of the German translations after messing up,

This should now be the work of Ralf

  *   The Portuguese translations are updated thx to Alexandre
  *   Thx to Steph for the French translations !
  *   Hopefully fixed the codepage issues

Feel free to feedback
New languages can be added using the xls

Kind regards Joris

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