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[mkgmap-dev] label rendering

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Mon Dec 3 03:44:33 GMT 2018

On my Montana, those settings don't seem to do anything.   I am getting 
better labels than with qmapshack, some primary hwy labels with level 
2-6, not much change from 2-6, some additional labels at level 
1/res23.   I wonder if part of the problem may be that the names are 
very long, I'll try substituting the 'ref' tag instead 'name' & see if 
that helps.

I've mostly been using QMapShack for my debugging.   It's actually worse 
than the Garmin Montana.    I have some primary highway labels showing 
up at level0/res 24, along with other road labels.  It's inconsistent 
though,  1 of the primary highways labels doesn't show up with any 

I get the same results with my downloaded Openfietsmap Lite maps.

Is this something that we can't control?

On 12/2/18 4:07 AM, Ticker Berkin wrote:
> On my Etrex:
> Map Setup > Advanced Map Setup >
>    Zoom Levels >
>      Auto zoom: on/off
>      Zoom Levels >
>        4 controls for the resolutions at which following appear
>          Points/Waypoints/Street labels/Land Cover
>    Text Size (Points, Streets, Etc) >
>      4 controls for Points/Waypoints/Street labels/Land cover
>    Detail > 5 levels of detail
> I haven't experimented with the effect of all of these - mostly leaving
> them with the default setting. Does your Montana have similar?
> Ticker
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