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[mkgmap-dev] Maps in *.gmap format installation directory

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Mon Dec 18 15:34:49 GMT 2017

Is there a unique directory where maps in *.gmap format can be 
installed? I would like to change my current installers to use gmap 
format instead of the old format, but I don't know what is the right 
directory to install them. In my XP virtual box if I copy gmap folder in 
c:\archivos de programa(program files)\Garmin\Maps maps are read by 
MapSource, but not by BaseCamp. If I copy gmap folder in C:\Archivos de 
programa\Garmin\Basecamp\Maps then they are read by BaseCamp, but not by 
MapSource. And what about more recent versions of Windows?

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