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[mkgmap-dev] expression not-contained

From demon.box e.rossini73 at alice.it on Wed Dec 13 15:56:09 GMT 2017

Hi Gerd, this is the way:


and this is my style for the test:

highway=path {name '${route_ref1|highway-symbol:oval} ${route_name}'}
[0x10e15 resolution 24]

type=route & route=hiking{ 
	apply { 
		set route_ref1='$(route_ref1), ${ref|not-contained:, :route_ref1}' |
		set route_name='$(route_name), ${name|not-contained:, :route_name}' |
'$(route_name)' | '${name}'

please can you try this code?
thanks very much.

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