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[mkgmap-dev] BuildDEMFile: system out of memory

From osm@pinns osm at pinns.co.uk on Sat Dec 9 18:28:52 GMT 2017

Hi Minko

Very strange, when I add DEM to your gmapi files the DEM doesn't show at 
all, even though the files exist.

I noticed that your maxnodes are quite low, ie mine are set at 160,000 
and with this setting  builddemfile creates the desired dem effect using 
the canary islands pbf

Using your files I noticed  builddemfile creating lots of dem 
files,containing mere  dummyvalues.

I tend to avoid  such files.

Just a thought : perhaps experiment with higher maxnodes?


On 09/12/2017 17:12, lig fietser wrote:
> lig fietser has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the 
> link below.
> <https://1drv.ms/u/s%21ApArbaVZkx5rbZCEfL0GVPRjSz8>
> atlantic_DEM.jpg <https://1drv.ms/u/s%21ApArbaVZkx5rbZCEfL0GVPRjSz8>
> 	[atlantic_DEM.jpg]
> Hi Frank,
> I was running your tool on my Atlantic map and got a system out of 
> memory error. The script did continue to build the dem data but in my 
> map a few islands in the center of the map were missing DEM data (see 
> the red area in the attachment, Sao Miguel on the Azores and La Palma 
> and El Hierro on the Canary Islands). Any idea how to solve this issue?
> The map OFM_Atlantic(13-10-2017_gmap you can download at
> http://www.openfietsmap.nl/downloads/atlantic
> DEM tiles I downloaded from 
> http://www.javawa.nl/srtm/index.php?lang=en 
> <http://www.javawa.nl/srtm/index.php?lang=en> (viewfinder panoramas)
> The command that I used is:
> for /D %%i in (34351*.*) do (BuildDEMFile.exe -d %%i\%%i.DEM 
> --hgtpath=%hgtpath% --tre=%%i\%%i.TRE --lastcolstd --usedummydata 
> --dlon=0.00027761
> )
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