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[mkgmap-dev] gmtool and TDB

From Frank Stinner frank.stinner at leipzig.de on Fri Dec 1 11:36:45 GMT 2017


i hope, the error message was "unbekanntes Argument: new.tdb".

It's a stupid error from me in the description: please change from 
"--mapsource=new.tdb; ..." to "--mapsource=tdb:new.tdb; ...".

The dot after -i means the actual working directory. If you start gmtool 
in directory "g:\mkgmap\Openfietsmap\versions\test\Openfietsmap 
(BNL).gmap\Product1" this is ok. Then you also don't need the full path 
for your old TDB.

-o defined the output path, in this case only for the new TDB.

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