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[mkgmap-dev] too many restrictions

From Frank Stinner frank.stinner at leipzig.de on Thu Nov 30 09:45:37 GMT 2017

Hi Gerd,

thank you for your answer. 

>add more minor roads in your style
Let us build more roads! ;)
I use every road and also every small and bad visible trail for my maps, 
all for hiking and bicycle.

>use --ignore-turn-restrictions
But then i have propably "false" routing? (That's not a problem for me. 
For hiking i don't need routing. I'm looking for nice ways, not short 

Is shrinking the tile size also an option?
I use splitter with dummy values, but with --num-tiles=x or better with 
--max-nodes < 1600000 should i have smaller tiles (?). In this case it 
could be a good idea, if mkgmap show an additional error message like 
this: "x% of roads successfull handled ...". Then we have a idea for a 
better value for --max-nodes.

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