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[mkgmap-dev] problems with gmtool

From Frank Stinner Frank.Stinner at kabelmail.de on Sat Nov 11 18:12:00 GMT 2017

Hi Thomas,

it's a stupid error message. If i can get the IMG, then can i run it in the debugger und looking what's going wrong.

Perhaps is an error in IMG file? Try please also
    gmtool -i 30007501.IMG -I 1 > info_img.txt

A second possibility is, you use gmt and then create with

    gmtool -i gmt.TDB -I 3 > info_tdb.txt

a info file for this TDB. It should looking like this:

   TDBVersion:          407
   CodePage:            1252 (0x000004E4)
   Family-ID:           7026 (0x1B72)
   Product-ID:          1 (0x0001)
   ProductVersion:      100 (0x0064)
   FamilyName:          OSM, Austria
   SeriesName:          Austria, aio, 5.6.2017
   Routingfähig:        1 (0x01)
   größter Routing-Typ: 24 (0x18)
   mit Contourlinien:   1 (0x01)
   DEM:                 1 (0x01)
   niedrigster MapLevel:18 (0x12)
   Beschreibung:        AUT
   Unknown1:            0 (0x00)
   Unknown2:            1 (0x01)
   Unknown3:            1 (0x01)
   Unknown4:            1 (0x01)
   Unknown5:            0 (0x00)
   Unknown29:           10000 (0x00002710)
   Copyright:           [CopyrightInformation, ProductInformationAndPrinting]
                        created by gmtool
     Kartenummer:       70260000 (0x04301520)
     übergeordnet:      0 (0x00000000)
     Beschreibung:      AUT, (70260000)
     Anzeigebereich:    Lon 9,492188°..17,182617°, Lat 46,318359°..49,042969°
   Detailkarten:        53
     Kartenummer:       70260001 (0x04301521)
       übergeordnet:    70260000 (0x04301520)
       Beschreibung:    DE-Muenchen, (70260001)
       Anzeigebereich:  Lon 9,492188°..13,315430°, Lat 47,900391°..49,042969°
       Dateien:         70260001.TRE (110159 Byte), 70260001.LBL (165626 Byte), 70260001.RGN (7789597 Byte), 70260001.NET (702298 Byte), 70260001.NOD 
(1082548 Byte), 70260001.DEM (24354388 Byte)
       HasCopyright:    1 (0x01)
       Unknown1:        0 (0x0000)
       Unknown2:        195 (0xC3)
       Unknown3:        0 (0x00)
       Unknown4:        255 (0xFF)

Look, if the overviewmap have the right ID and the other maps this ID as "übergeordnet". Look, that all the subfiles are listed. If the properties 
like Family-ID are false, you change it with gmtool. The unknown bytes are really unknown. The values above are used in mkgmap.

BTw, there is a newer prog version, but i don't belief, they going better.


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