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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From osm@pinns osm at pinns.co.uk on Sat Nov 4 09:21:38 GMT 2017

Hi Frank

OK, I understand. I even experimented with your 'unknown bytes' at 0x1b 
and 0x25 but filling these with data didn't seem to visually make a 

I was hoping they contained the colour of the shading, which is always 
set to black !

One more thing :

How useful are the  --width and --height options , do they tweak the 
dlon or dlat values?



On 04/11/2017 08:39, Frank Stinner wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> i believe there is no way to change the shading. DEM files include 
> only the strong compressed height data. That means, we have only 
> coordinates for that points and their height. The shading makes the 
> software on pc or gps.
> 2) yes, you can create more zoomlevels. That is necessary for gps 
> because on gps every zoomlevel is visible for a few zoom's. I think, 
> you should have for every maplevel (see options-file in mkgmap-style) 
> its own zoomlevel.
> --dlon and --dlat is the distance between the points. Normally --dlon 
> == --dlat, thats why you can omit --dlat.
> --dlon=0 is senseless, that means: no distance between the points.
> For more zoomlevels use multiple --dlon. The values are experimental:
> BuildDEMFile  ...  --dlon=0.00027761 --dlon=0.00049 --dlon=0.00075 
> --dlon=0.00106 --dlon=0.0017 --dlon=0.0025
> Frank
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