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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Frank Stinner Frank.Stinner at kabelmail.de on Sat Nov 4 08:39:26 GMT 2017

Hi Nick,

i believe there is no way to change the shading. DEM files include only the strong compressed height data. That means, we have only coordinates for 
that points and their height. The shading makes the software on pc or gps.

2) yes, you can create more zoomlevels. That is necessary for gps because on gps every zoomlevel is visible for a few zoom's. I think, you should have 
for every maplevel (see options-file in mkgmap-style) its own zoomlevel.

--dlon and --dlat is the distance between the points. Normally --dlon == --dlat, thats why you can omit --dlat.
--dlon=0 is senseless, that means: no distance between the points.

For more zoomlevels use multiple --dlon. The values are experimental:
BuildDEMFile  ...  --dlon=0.00027761 --dlon=0.00049 --dlon=0.00075 --dlon=0.00106 --dlon=0.0017 --dlon=0.0025


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