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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri Nov 3 07:36:15 GMT 2017

If I got that right gmtool doesn't expect the data in a gmapi folder hirarchy.
I've not made much progress so far. The DEM data structure (esp. the bitstream) is quite complex and I am really amazed that Frank found out how it works.
I've cross read the pdf a few times, now I installed Visual Studio and started to debug step by step to find out what BuildDEMFile does and how this matches with the pdf ;-)
Not easy for me because I am not familiar with the c# conventions and the Visual Studio environment. So, at the moment
I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I think I am in the right tunnel ;-)
(I am also a bit distracted because my mother moved house last week and I am still busy helping her.)


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I'm afraid I don't understand your tools Frank.

I guess I will wait until mkgmap has included the DEM handling.

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i don't now your build-process. But i have installed your original map (without the DEM's). After you include the DEM's in this IMG files, create with
gmtool with this NEW IMG's a new TDB.

For the old TDB you get with

    gmtool -i 10010000.tdb -I 2

the following output:

Datei 'd:\tmp\OpenFietsMap\10010000.tdb'
21729 Bytes (21,2 kB, 0,0 MB), letzter Schreibzugriff 28.10.2017 01:43:28
   TDBVersion:          407
   CodePage:            1252 (0x000004E4)
   Family-ID:           10010 (0x271A)
   Product-ID:          1 (0x0001)
   ProductVersion:      1710 (0x06AE)
   FamilyName:          OpenFietsMap (BNL)
   SeriesName:          OpenFietsMap (Benelux_v28-10-2017)
   Routingfähig:        1 (0x01)
   größter Routing-Typ: 24 (0x18)
   mit Contourlinien:   1 (0x01)
   DEM:                 0 (0x00)
   niedrigster MapLevel:18 (0x12)
   Beschreibung:        Test preview map
   Unknown29:           10000 (0x00002710)
   Copyright:           [CopyrightInformation, ProductInformationAndPrinting]
                        Map created with mkgmap-r3908
                        [CopyrightInformation, ProductInformationAndPrinting]
                        PROGRAM LICENCED UNDER GPL V2
                        [CopyrightInformation, ProductInformationAndPrinting]
                        [CopyrightInformation, ProductInformationAndPrinting]
     Kartenummer:       10010000 (0x0098BD90)
     übergeordnet:      0 (0x00000000)
     Beschreibung:      OFM_BNL(28-10-2017)
     Anzeigebereich:    Lon 2,373047°..7,382920°, Lat 49,350586°..55,264900°
   Detailkarten:        145
     Kartenummer:       10010001 (0x0098BD91)
       übergeordnet:    10010000 (0x0098BD90)
       Beschreibung:    BE-Ieper (10010001)
       Anzeigebereich:  Lon 2,373047°..2,900391°, Lat 50,668945°..50,888672°
       Dateien:         10010001.TRE (38603 Byte), 10010001.RGN (3909498 Byte), 10010001.LBL (175026 Byte), 10010001.NET (428039 Byte), 10010001.NOD
(714739 Byte)

The main-part is a long list of all mapnumbers/files with the subfiles. It is necessary to rebuild this list with the DEM-files with their filesize.
That's why use the NEW IMG's for this.


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