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[mkgmap-dev] Issues generating DEM

From Carlos Dávila cardavilam at gmail.com on Wed Nov 1 21:42:37 GMT 2017

El 01/11/17 a las 21:14, Frank Stinner escribió:
> I suppose, the process can't manage more memory. It runs on a 
> Win32-machine?
It's a 32 Linux machine+wine. I think it works as a win XP machine.
> When you can tell me the size of the area (see areas.list), i will try 
> to run it on my machine.
63240001: 960512,-808960 to 1292288,-401408
#       : 20.610352,-17.358398 to 27.729492,-8.613281

> If the memory is the reason, then you can only split this IMG area in 
> smaller IMG's.
> The 2. issue seems to be an error in program. I need the area size to 
> debug the program. Please look at the file areas.list (generated from 
> splitter).
63240001: 1765376,-354304 to 1888256,-215040
#       : 37.880859,-7.602539 to 40.517578,-4.614258
Note in both cases it's a "fake" splitter run, as both maps fit in a 
single img.
If it helps, you can get gmap folders from 
http://alternativaslibres.org/tmp/Extremadura.gmap.zip and 
> Frank

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