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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Wed Oct 25 05:32:08 BST 2017

Hi Frank,

okay, with that exe file I was able to generate my first map with hill shading :-)
I used splitter to split bremen.osm.pbf and something like
java ... -jar mkgmap.jar --index --route --gmapi -c template.args
to create the directory with the data in gmapi format because this creates the files that your program requires.
Next I created a small script mak.cmd which calls your program for each tile:
set hgtpath=f:\osm\GroundTruth-1.8.740.17\Cache\Dem\Srtm3\
rem java -Xmx6000m -jar d:\mkgmap\dist\mkgmap.jar -c d:\dbg\dev-addr.opt --max-jobs --gmapi -c e:\osm_out_work\bremen\20161121_165912\template.args
cd "OSM map.gmap\Product1"
for /D %%i in (6324*.*) do (
        ..\..\BuildDEMFile.exe -d %%i\%%i.DEM --hgtpath=%hgtpath% --tre=%%i\%%i.TRE --dlon=0.00027761

Finally I copied the directory OSM map.gmap into directory c:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps where Mapsource expects gmapi data.
I could have created the data in that directory, but I prefer the extra copy step because I often forget to stop Mapsource.
I did not change mkgmap for that.

Unfortunately Mapsource and Basecamp don't "want" to create a gmapsupp for this data. They both claim that my USB stick has not enough memory
with this weird message "The map set is approximately 5.0 MB, but only 1310.8 MB is available in the destination."

Maybe one of the JaVaWa tools is able to create a gmapsupp for this?

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Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

Hi Gerd,

mit builddemfile.exe (z.Z.
kann man sich beliebige DEM-Dateien erzeugen. Diese werden genauso wie
TRE-, RGN- usw. Dateien in die IMG-Datei eingebunden.

Ich verwende die frei verwendbare "Community"-Version von MS Visual 2015.

Als Zwischenlösung könnte die Aufnahme einer zusätzlichen Option dienen.
Es wird, hoffentlich, sowieso noch weitere Erkenntnisse zur Verwendung
mehrerer Zoom-Level für GPS-Geräte geben. Im Moment ist es deshalb
einfacher, an einem Programm wie builddemfile weiter zu testen.


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