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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Waxy waxy at laposte.net on Tue Oct 24 14:18:05 BST 2017


About DEM:

Not tested…


Le 24/10/2017 à 09:52, Gerd Petermann a écrit :
> Hi Frank,
> okay, seems to be more work. Don't know if I am just getting old but I have no idea where to start.
> We know a few demo maps which contain DEM data. Now we also have your doc and the demo program.
> I am not familiar with c# and I don't have Microsoft Studio, but I think there are free versions for this as well.
> I used to maintain some  c/c++ programs so I guess I should be able to dig into this again, but it will take a while.
> My only advantage is that I am german and therefore able to read your doc and the comments in the source ;-)
> I seem to remember that someone described how to extract DEM data from a gmapsupp and merge it into his own map,
> that's why I assumed that it should be possible to calculdate this only once in a while.
> I'd really prefer that solution, but this is a different problem.
> I hope I get into this during the next weeks, but as of now I think it might take some months before we have this in mkgmap :-(
> Gerd
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> Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option
> Hi,
> at first:
> yes i mean the DEM-flag in TDB-file like Andrzej Popowski wrote.
> at second:
> unfortunally it seems, that the corner left-top for TRE-file and
> DEM-file should be the same. The height-data organized in subtiles with
> 64x64 points. The most right sub-tile is a problem, but my workaround
> is, to use a normal tile with 64 points width. That's why, the DEM is at
> most a little bit widend then the TRE.
> The data in a sub-tile are organized as a bitstream. That's why, we can
> not split a subtile in parts.
> I belive, we must "compile" a DEM for anything TRE new.
> at third:
> Yes, the best way is, to build in the algorithm in mkgmap. But i'm not
> familiar with java. It would be useful, if anybody translate my
> description (my german is a little bit better than my english :).
> For easy test:
> builddemfile --dem=12345678.dem --hgtpath=path2zipped_hgt_files
> --tre=12345678.tre --dlon=0.00027761
> I build the program with the MS-Visual-Studio 2015.
> at fourthly:
> I build also a DEM-file for the overview-map, but with --dlon=0.005.
> at fifthly:
> Probably can a DEM-file several Zoomlevel. But for Mapsourec/Basecamp it
> is not necessary. It seems, we need that for a GPS-Device. My Oregon
> show DEM only for Zoom <= 800m.
> Frank

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