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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Frank.Stinner fstinner at gmx.de on Wed Oct 18 17:30:48 BST 2017


i have find with a lot of "trial and error" a algorithm to create 
DEM-Files for a Height-Profil. You can find the description (in german) 
at https://github.com/FSofTlpz/Garmin-DEM-Build/blob/master/DEM-Daten.pdf

With this data we can for example draw a track in mapsource or basemap 
and we at once the Height-Profil of our track. At second, the map looks 
like better.

I have create a experimental program called BuildDEMFile :) to build 
this files. Experimental means, the encoder is for exploring the 
algorithm but not for speed. You can find the programit at 

It is possible, that there minor bugs, but i have it successfull testet 
for 2 different germany-maps.

I have a wish:
Can you in mkgmap insert a new option, for example --dem with path to 
DEM-files, and include these files in the join-process for the 
IMG-files? So far only joined the LBL-, NET-, NOD-, RGN- and TRE-File. 
Also should be set the dem-flag in TDB-File.
If so, i can build the DEM-Files with area-size from the splitter-file 
areas.list. I hope thats the same like in the TRE-Files?

That would be a little bit easier then my fiddly way:
split the ready IMG-files, build the DEM-files and then join the files 
to new IMG-files. And at last i must change the dem-flag in the TDB-File.

with best regards

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