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[mkgmap-dev] Expression

From Aleksandar Terzic tekija at gmail.com on Sun Oct 8 10:23:49 BST 2017

I have created custom map with power lines and towers. Now I want to
separate powerlines by voltage types ( different color, zoom level etc. ).
For this purpose i have created custom style and *.typ file. I managed to
change label and zoom level based on powerline voltage level, but no luck
with custom line type i have defined in *.typ file with typViewer.
Style file:
Line 202 -  "power=line & voltage='123' [0x29 resolution 16]"
Line 203 - "power=line & voltage='400' [0x2902 resolution 16]"
With mkgmap command:
"java -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=ees.zip  --bounds=bounds --family-id=0
--transparent 6324*.osm.pbf --tdbfile --gmapsupp dv.TYP > mkgmap.log "
I get error:
"Invalid type 0x2902 for POLYLINE in style file lines, line 203"
In dv.TYP file i have created line with type 0x29 and subtype 02.
Thanks in advance.


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Gerd Petermann wrote
> I think that would be
> name=* & !(name ~ 'ABC.*')

Yes, it's perfect !!
Thanks ;-)


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