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[mkgmap-dev] two weird issues

From Philip Homburg pch-mkgmap-dev at u-1.phicoh.com on Fri Oct 6 10:03:05 BST 2017

Hi Gert,

In your letter dated Fri, 6 Oct 2017 06:26:28 +0000 you wrote:
>I assume with "bicycle:backward=use_sidepath gets filtered out somewhere"
>you mean that your have a rule that looks for this tag  and the rule is not tri
>This may happen when another rule matches earlier.

I put up a small sample at 

Way 183945794 contains:

yet when I put 
bicycle=use_sidepath { echotags '' }                                             

at the top of the 'lines' file, I get

Way 183945794 [bicycle=use_sidepath, highway=residential, lit=yes, maxspeed=30, mkgmap:admin_level10=Amsterdam, mkgmap:admin_level2=NLD, mkgmap:admin_level3=Nederland, mkgmap:admin_level4=Noord-Holland, mkgmap:admin_level6=Stadsregio Amsterdam, mkgmap:admin_level8=Amsterdam, mkgmap:admin_level9=Centrum, name=Singel] 

>The rule like highway!=track { echo 'foo' }
>is invalid, you probably meant something like
>highway=* & highway!=track { echo 'foo' }

Yes, that makes sense. I guess that earlier versions of mkgmap just matched
everything and didn't complain.

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