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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap:set_unconnected_type differentiate between connected on both sides or on one side only

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Sep 18 20:22:35 BST 2017

Hi all,

what do you think about a tag named mkgmap:remove-if-no-road=yes ?
I would add code to check all non-routable lines for this tag. 
If no routable line is found for the same OSM way the line is removed. 
This check is performed after the processing of the 2 mkgmap:set_xxx_type
and maybe other routines which remove routable lines because they are too


Felix Hartmann-2 wrote
> 3. I'm fine with another name - maybe mkgmap:set_semi_connected_line=none
> and mkgmap:set_unconnected_line=none?
> Well I actually already went through my style and added
> mkgmap:set_semi_connected_type=none - I'm just missing the overlays also
> being removed as explained to fully use it. I actually had not noticed
> that
> mkgmap:set_unconnected_type=none did not remove all the lines that I
> intended to be removed by it because I never properly checked it using a
> test file - and there are not many unconnected ways in real OSM data
> (while
> there are far more semi_connected lines/ways). Actually I think it should
> be semiconnected as we alo use unconnected and not un_connected (even
> though it is two words in proper spelling).

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