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[mkgmap-dev] Colouring of island not correct

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sat Aug 19 09:39:17 BST 2017

Hi Christoph,

I agree this looks wrong.
The reason is that mkgmap renders the tag place=island
from this multipolygon relation:
as type 0x53 and some programs interpret this as "Sandbank, tidal/mud flat"

The rule is in style fie polygons:
place=island & name=* [0x53 resolution 19]

I think we should try to find a different type or decide to ignore the tag for large polygons.
We have the same problem with other large islands like Ireland.

There is only one advantage of rendering the polygon:
The name "Corse" is shown when you click somewhere.


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Gesendet: Samstag, 19. August 2017 09:37:11
An: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk
Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Colouring of island not correct


I tried to generate a gmapsupp.img with mkgmap.
I have done this with:
/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_144/bin/java -Xmx8G -jar ./mkgmap-r3993/mkgmap.jar --
gmapsupp karten/corse-latest.osm.pbf

But the colouring of the landscape is not correct.
See "corse_wrong_colour.png"

Compared to "bremen_correct.png"

Screenshots are made from qlandkartegt Version 1.8.1.

I also tried to use "--precomp-sea=./karten/sea.zip",
but this just colours the surrounding sea.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you

Best Regards

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