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[mkgmap-dev] Basecamp crashes with my map

From Thomas Morgenstern webmaster at img2ms.de on Sat Aug 5 21:29:27 BST 2017

Die Grenzen im split-file (areas.list) sollten in *G*armin*U*nits 
geschrieben werden. 1GU =~0,0000214576... (exact : 360°/2^ 24). Und die 
GU sollen ohne Rest durch 4 teilbar sein.
Beispiel: 47 ° /0,0000214576=2.190.366,117 *GU* .Die nächste durch 4 
teilbare Zahl ist : 2190368. Mit diesem Verfahren gab es noch nie 
Probleme. Routing funktioniert. Die Abweichung zu 47° ist 0,00004039...° 
(weil 2190368*0,0000214576 = 47,0000403968°). Weniger als 5m .Kannst 
praktisch vergessen.

Am 05.08.2017 um 20:54 schrieb thesurveyor at wolke7.net:
> Hi all,
> I've a question about splitting a map.
> I'm using splitter to split a large pbf-file with contourlines to 
> about 300 tiles. This works fine. But now I have the requirement to 
> support a process
> with two parts of the whole map, splitted exactly at a given latitude. 
> So I've written a simple tool that reads the tile-list from splitter ( 
> --write-kml),
> searches for the tiles which are north or south of the given latitude 
> and writes them to a file. For the tiles which are divided by the given
> latitude the tool divides the tile in two parts and writes the parts 
> as new tiles to the file.
> As the next step splitter is called again with the file as a 
> parameter  (--split-file) and mkgmap is used to create the two maps.
> All this works wonderful, but yesterday I've seen that Basecamp 
> crashes when I install those tiles.
> I'm doing this since several years now, but never noticed that 
> behaviour. Maybe I didn't see it, because I'm not using Basecamp very 
> often.
> So today I spent some hours to look deeper into that problem. I could 
> eliminate one tile. Then I noticed that size of this tile is just 
> about 8 kB.
> And when I deleted the tile from the map Basecamp doesn't crash 
> anymore. Of course the map should have a hole now :-)
> Ok, so far so good, but what's the reason for that behaviour. This 
> tile was splitted by my tool. So maybe I'm doing something wrong.
> But I have splitted a lot more tiles which seem to work.
> So I have some questions:
> 1) I'm splitting the tiles into two parts, at full or half degrees, 
> e,g. 47.00000 or 47.50000.
> 2) The mentioned tile is less than 1 degree in north to south direction.
> Could one ot those questions lead to that behaviour?
> Do you have another idea what could be wrong with a tile that crashes 
> Basecamp. Or do you have an idea what to check?
> The map is working well on different Garmin devices (Oregon, etrex hcx).
> Many thanks for your support.
> Best regards,
> Gert
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