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[mkgmap-dev] Strange long distance routes on Nüvi

From Bodo Pfelzer bodo.pfelzer at web.de on Wed Jul 26 16:46:20 BST 2017

I use a gmapsupp.img generated with a reduced  style derived from the
default mkgmap-style . Routing for cars works fine, if the routes are
short. But if I try to plan a long journey (1000 km). The route
calculation gets stuck for some minutes at lets say 80 percent and
finally comes to a result. But the resulting route is something that
looks like a concatenation of beelines. My assumption is, that Nüvi
contains an overview map of the world (or Europe) that I cannot disable.
Could I replace it using --tdbfile in mkgmap? But the option mentions
MapSource, I tried to avoid MapSource for now.

Routing works fine, if I disable Motorways (or toll roads), but the
route seems to be somewhat inconvenient.

Perhaps my questions is a little bit outdated, since there are good
smartphone based apps for navigation. But I love my old fashioned Nüvi.
This leads to the next question: Is there a chance that there will be
TMC information compiled into mkgmap maps sometimes in the future? As
far as I understand, nobody knows where it is stored inside encrypted
proprietary maps.

Best regards
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