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[mkgmap-dev] Any option to include POIs as ways?

From Dominik Seelow domi at gmx.co.uk on Wed Jul 26 13:13:18 BST 2017

On 26.07.17 12:16, Gerd Petermann wrote:

Hi Gerd,

> I think it is possible to add code to support this but I don't see how this feature would help
> reg. barriers. My experience is that most barriers are at crossings, besides that you should
> probably prefer to look on the road ahead, not the GPS ;-)

I'll certainly rather look ahead.  ;-)

It is indeed not a big issue on roads but on designated cycle ways where 
some planners seem to love to place barriers right after turns.
The problem worsens when you're riding in a bunch with other riders in 
front of you who do not gradually slow down before a turn but rather 
brake in full panic when they spot an obstacle. Or simply do not 
indicate potential hazards such railway crossings. I feel much safer 
knowing potential dangers in advance.

I think that such a feature might be helpful for many other purposes as 
well: I would like to see the position of mountain passes or summits as 
'dots' when cycling (without all the other POIs) whilst others might 
want to display all bus stops in their public transport map. Garmin 
devices seem not to offer the flexibility to choose the POIs to be shown.

I had hoped for some hidden mkgmap feature or some kind of dual-use 
capabilities of the link-pois-to-ways function. But I can easily modify 
the OSM files to create a second node for each POI of (my) interest and 
a way connecting them, this should solve my problem as well.


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