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[mkgmap-dev] Error in mkgmap r-3676, wrong preview generation

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Jun 17 14:50:15 BST 2016


> Thanks for the bug report.  I have found that the problem was
> introduced in version r3674, so it is a change I made...

In fact this is not the problem.

In the test case you have three files in the order:

    50000002.img 50000779.img 40001345.img

The change of r3674 causes them to be compiled in the sorted order:

    40001345.img 50000002.img 50000779.img

However all versions of mkgmap back to r3605 create a bad overview map
when the input files are in this order.  So r3674 is only revealing
another bug, and is not the bug itself.

Earlier versions than 3605 are not compatible with the provided .img
files so it isn't possible to say if the same problem existed earlier.

So it appears to be something to do with the 40001345.img file as the
problem only occurs when it is included.  It appears to be an old file,
so it might be possible that re-compiling it may fix the problem.

I'll keep investigating...

Best wishes


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