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[mkgmap-dev] Change resolution for towers in own style

From Achim Öhlenschläger achim at webmail.mengelbach.de on Mon Apr 4 08:44:24 BST 2016


I want to create a map for my 60csx by just using a very small subset of OSM
data for aviation use.
To do this I copy fragments from the default style to my own style (using single
file aproach).
This works well for the major roads, the rivers and water areas and the runways.

However when using
man_made=tower|man_made=mast|landmark=chimney [0x6411 resolution 24]
I cannot change the resolution.
Changing the number in the line above has no effect, neither in QLandkarte nor
in my 60xsc.
I want the towers to appear in a much more "zoomed-out" state.

Any ideas why and how to overcome it?

Thank you,

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