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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r3081: merge from the high-prec-coord branch.

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Thu Mar 6 15:52:17 GMT 2014

On Thu, Mar 06, Gerd Petermann wrote:

> Hi Thorsten,
> I compared your file with one from WanMil with a hex editor.
> In WanMils file I see an entry "sea/". This is missing in your file,
> and that's why r3081 failed.
> I don't know what you have to do to create this entry.

The difference I see with help of "zipinfo": Wanmil is using
zip format version 2.0 on a fat filesystem, I'm using zip format
version 3.0 on unix filesystem.

I haven't found an option to create a zip version 2.0 archive.


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