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[mkgmap-dev] Problem with turn restriction

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Feb 3 17:35:27 GMT 2014

> Hi,
> GerdP wrote
>> So, I will first check where the way segement gets lost.
> well, this is quite special, and I am not sure where to fix it.
> The input file contains no bbox, so mkgmap calculates
> it (using 24 bit resolution). Later, the way -47698
> is clipped against this bbox using high precision,
> and in high prec two points are outside of the calculated
> bbox.
> In r3001 I'v fixed that by enlarging the calculated bbox,
> but I still have to check that this also works
> when the bbox is calculated by the tile splitter.
> Gerd

Hi Gerd,

uups, I wanted to add bounds information but obviously I missed that and 
you got and unintended second test case ;-)

I am thinking how to fix the problem with the very short way and the 
relation. Do you think it is possible to detect that the short way 
consists of two points with identical Garmin coords. In this case it 
might be possible to change the restriction in such a way that the ways 
connected to the short way are used in the restriction instead.

I want to make a small statistic why restriction relations become 
invalid. Maybe the problem is so seldom that it's not worthy...


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