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[mkgmap-dev] Access flag question

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sun Jan 19 16:18:25 GMT 2014

Hi Chris,

as Gerd already explained, the new style system features give you the 
whole control over setting the access flags.

For the access tags (mkgmap:car, mkgmap:foot etc.) only the value no is 
recognized. To use other value you can map these values:
bicycle=no | bicycle=private | ... { add mkgmap:bicycle=no }
bicycle=* { add mkgmap:bicycle='${bicycle|subst:private=>no}' }

On a first glimpse this sounds complicate because the style developer 
needs to care about all values. But this is the only way how style devs 
can have *full* control over the access handling.

Please also have a look at the inc/access file of the default style to 
get an impression how the new system works.


> Hi,
> I have a question to the section in the doc of the new style
> system:
> ---
> Access restrictions of roads are now defined by setting special mkgmap:*
> access tags (mkgmap:car, mkgmap:foot, mkgmap:bicycle, mkgmap:truck,
> mkgmap:bus, mkgmap:taxi, mkgmap:emergency, mkgmap:delivery). Roads are
> blocked for a specific vehicle type if the mkgmap:<type> is set to the
> value no. The new addaccess and setaccess actions help to assign all
> values at once.
> ---
> Are other values than "no" being recognized?
> What about "private" and "destination"?
> Greetings
> Chris
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