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[mkgmap-dev] wrong rendering of direction with oneway=-1?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Jan 11 21:00:11 GMT 2014

Hi Minko,

with r2944 normalization of oneway roads to oneway=yes has been moved. I 
think this is the reason for the effect you observe.

You should be able to fix the problem by assigning the same code 0x10007 
either to oneway=yes and to oneway=-1 roads.

I think we need to clarify that the direction of oneway roads is always 
normalized to oneway=yes. So direction oriented typ items must be drawn 

Gerd, what do you think? The RoadMerger would not be able to merge two 
roads with oneway=yes and oneway=-1 if it is not allowed to reverse the 
direction at an early stage in the StyledProcessor.


> I notice that mkgmap-r2946 renders the direction of arrows in the reverse direction compared with previous versions.
> This is only the case with oneway=-1, oneway=yes is pointing in the same direction as expected.
> Before the merge (mkgmap-r2815) it was rendered ok. Is there something changed or is it a bug?
> See
> OFM https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wn24e97iu1l20r/oneway-1.jpg
> OSM http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/253023406
> BTW routing is still as expected, only the drawing is now in the opposite direction!
> My style rules:
> http://mijndev.openstreetmap.nl/~ligfietser/openfietsmap/Scripts/Styles/
> # display direction arrows
> highway=* & (oneway=yes | bicycle:oneway=yes ) & (cycling!=twoway) & bicycle!=no [0x10007 resolution 24 continue with_actions]
> highway=* & (oneway=yes | bicycle:oneway=yes ) & (cycling=twoway)  [0x10008 resolution 24 continue with_actions]
> highway=* & (oneway=-1 | bicycle:oneway=-1 ) & (cycling!=twoway) & bicycle!=no  [0x10010 resolution 24 continue with_actions]
> highway=* & (oneway=-1 | bicycle:oneway=-1 ) & (cycling=twoway) [0x10011 resolution 24 continue with_actions]
> In my typ file it still shows as expected:
> oneway=yes is rendered as Type=0x10010 is --->
> oneway=-1 is rendered as Type=0x10007 is <---
> http://mijndev.openstreetmap.nl/~ligfietser/openfietsmap/Scripts/10010.typ
> In gpsmapedit I dont see errors either, both lines are produced as expected.
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