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[mkgmap-dev] location style obsolete?

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Fri Dec 21 18:41:23 GMT 2012

Am 21.12.2012 19:29, schrieb WanMil:
>> Am 21.12.2012 19:05, schrieb WanMil:
>>> The location style contains rules for address mapping that have now been
>>> replaced by the new addr style which is included by the new style inclusion.
>>> Any objections againg removing that?
>> What do you mean with it? I think you don't mean things like
>> mkgmap:street, :city, :housenumber, :admin_level* and so on. In this
>> case, I think it's not needed any more. Above tags are handled in
>> style-file so they shouldn't be changed internal.
>> Henning
> The location style contains exactly the same rules like the inc/address
> of the default style.
Hi WanMil,
I don't like it very much, that mkgmap did several things with the data, 
which can't be influenced via style. I haven't tried to include 
mkgmap-default-address-style, but I include my own one.

I think if operations can made via style-file, then mkgmap shouldn't do 
this himself.


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