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[mkgmap-dev] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mkgmap/help/Tags rework?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Dec 21 12:28:42 GMT 2012

> I could do so, but I need someone, who adds all the Tags, which are used
> in mkgmap. Intro and explanation of the tags can I do.
> Henning


I'll have a look on it and try to find and add more mkgmap special tags.

I wonder if it would be better not to use a table but a small chapter 
for each tag or tag group. This could also contain an example how to use 
the tag.
For instance when I read the description for toll the second column 
points out that it affects "routing - avoid options". My first dumb idea 
was: Okay, it affects routing but which options should I avoid? So maybe 
it is better to have some more text and examples?

The naming of mkgmap:postal_code and mkgmap:postcode was my bad idea. 
It's very irritating. I don't mind changing that. Any better suggestion?


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