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[mkgmap-dev] News and announcements

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Dec 17 22:18:14 GMT 2012


The new website is ready to start publishing news again - just in
time for Gerd's splitter release.

It is important that we have a place where people can go to see a
summary of all the new feature and progress that has been made, so I
plan to write a story from now on for every significant new

But I am aware that there is a lot to catch up on - many great new
things have been added that have not had a write up outside of the
mailling list.  So I want to start a series of retrospective articles
about some of the main features that have been added.

I also see statements on the web about mkgmap that are incorrect or
problems have been fixed for ages, and we could also do articles to
make everyone aware of how to do those things.

Anyway if there is anything you think should be published then let me
know I will try to build up a series of articles that can be published
at regular intervals.


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