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[mkgmap-dev] Useful routable line types

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Dec 16 11:08:21 GMT 2012

Interesting experiment. 
What do you mean by 'Opposite direction to that defined in JOSM only'?
I dont understand that some lines not show in Basecamp if you use a TYP file?
Have you activated all line types?
I can see 0x11, 0x1e 0x1f with or even without typ file in Basecamp.

Another remark, 0x14 (railways) are not shown at lower zoom levels on a GPS device.
Only on the highest levels.

> I’ve been experimenting with the first 32 type codes (0x00-0x31) in
> Basecamp to see which types are shown and which are routable for
> walkers and automobiles. Some of the results may be of interest to
> others like me who are running out of routable ways and can be found
> in the ODS attached.
> Geoff

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