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[mkgmap-dev] Options

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Sat Dec 8 18:04:48 GMT 2012

Here is my take on it for changes that are different or other input 
compared to the wiki:

--country-name=? --- Well I use the cities list, but actually I would 
prefer this option for single country maps to take preference. I don't 
think the region--name is very important, because the search function 
doesn't allow to search for a region like Bayern, Hessen, or other 
regions. So I don't use it for my region maps of Germany.

--latin1 / codepage, --- make latin1/1252 default. Remove --latin1 as 
option. And only take code-page as option . latin1 is the same as 1252 
isn't it (I think this was changed some time ago, because it once was 

--index --- Default on if --route is given, default off if map is not 
routable (or does an address index make sense if map is not routable?). 
New option --no-index

--location-autofil :: If I understand right, it is still a backup if 
bounds fail. I currently use --location-autofill=bounds,is_in,nearest  
because I want is_in first, secon nearest to provide the location if the 
precompiled bounds fail. Maybe make that behaviour default if 
--bounds=... is set. I think that is the approach most people want 
(noone updates the bounds as often as the map data - so it is likely to 
still add an

--drive-on-left, --drive-on-right -- Could this be included into the 
country abbr list we have in the resources - there are not so many 
drive-on-left countries anyhow, so we just add them, and assume 
drive-on-right for all other countries. Option is a very bad idea, 
because you can't use it for a map of europe (or other multi country 

--ignore-maxspeeds  , Strong Objection. For a bicycle map it is really 
needed. I don't want mkgmap messing around with maxspeeds. It's also 
about performance, why calculate something if it's not needed.

--ignore-turn-restrictions ,Strong Objection again. We don't have 
separate turn-restrictions for cyclists or pedestrians yet, so don't 
default it car centric. Currently as a cyclist, I'm better off if the 
map ignores turn-restrictions for cars. (many many oneway streets don't 
apply for cycling, but there are restrictions for cars in OSM at those 

--preserve-element-order , is it really not faster without it. Maybe 
have it on by default, but change option to --dont--preserve-elelement-order

--process-destination -- Again for a cyclemap not needed (destination 
usually only exists for cars so far). Dunno if it impacts performance or 

--delete-tags-file= It's a performance improvement. However it was once 
broken. Someone said it's working again. I once moved it into my style 
where it makes more sense. Don't know how much quicker it can make mkgmap.

--show-profiles=1 --- keep it. I need it differently depending on the 
country or map. Don't put options that one needs differently depending 
on the country into the style-file...

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