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[mkgmap-dev] House numbers

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Dec 6 21:47:53 GMT 2012


I've been looking into house numbers a little.

They work by giving a range of numbers between two nodes on a road.  A
node here is a routing node - where two roads meet - and not the
meaning of node in OSM.

You can say if the numbers are odd, even or both and if there are no
numbers down one side of a road you can say that too.

You specify numbers as being on the left or on the right when looking
in the direction the road is drawn in.

So you might have on the left hand side of the road numbers
are odd and go from 25 to 37 and on the right hand side they
are even and go from 26 to 32. If house numbers decrease
along the direction of the road, you just have a start
number that is larger than the end number.

This is also clear from the polish notation for house numbers, which
for the above example is:


I hope to have at least a 'hello world' example of numbering working
in the next week.


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