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[mkgmap-dev] splitter maximum tile size

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Fri Nov 30 21:04:32 GMT 2012

On Fri, Nov 30, GerdP wrote:

> Thorsten Kukuk wrote
> >> 
> >> No, there is no limit for the maximum tiles size for now. Thanks for the
> >> hint. 
> >> What is the limit? I guess it is not a constant, but depends on
> >> resolution
> >> and other
> >> values? Unfortunately the test data is gone and I didn't download it.
> > 
> > If you want to look at the problem, I can try to regenerate the
> > data again.
> I am not sure if the problem has to be solved in splitter or in mkgmap.
> Anyway, please try to reproduce it. 

Ok, here is the data:


It contains the tile 71500722.osm.pbf, the splitter data 
(areas.list, template.args, densities-out.txt) and the usa.poly
with which you can cut out the input data from a planet file.

The problem is the 180 longitude. The few data on the left on
it should be added to the tiles on the right, not the very, very
far away data on the left.
I don't know if this is something we can solve better with splitter,
but I doubt it's solveable with mkgmap.


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