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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap birthday

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Nov 26 20:46:08 GMT 2012


On this day, 6 years ago, revision 1 was committed to svn.

   $ svn log -r1
   r1 | steve | 2006-11-26 20:46:08 +0000 (Sun, 26 Nov 2006) | 1 line

   Created mkosmgmap project

As you can see it originally had a slightly different, but equally
hard to pronounce, name.

It took less than a month to get the first working map, primitive as
it was, and it has grown massively from there.  I never have imagined
at the time that it would still be getting bigger and better all this
time later.

I'd like to thank everyone on this list who uses mkgmap and especially
to those that have helped to develop it in the past and those that are
doing so now.

To celebrate I thought that I would break everything ;)

I've updated the www.mkgmap.org.uk website to make it easier to add
content, documentation, short news items about new features etc. in
the future.

You can now also sign up and get svn access to your own branch on any
of the projects. If you already have svn access that you've used
in the last couple of years, then you already have an account with
the same login details as your svn account.

There may be problems with things missing from the web site,
subversion commit permissions, commit emails to the mailing lists etc.
I'll probably notice from the error logs, but if you notice something
wrong persisting, then let me know.

Best wishes to all.


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