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[mkgmap-dev] Inconsistent search function

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Tue Nov 20 22:27:48 GMT 2012

El 18/11/12 21:54, Steve Ratcliffe escribió:
> Hi
>> I have compiled the map of Cuba with r2332 and noticed no difference
>> neither on MapSource nor on HCx or nuvi 300. If you want to have a look
>> at the map I can put it somewhere to download.
> Hmm, well perhaps I am wrong about it being a recent problem. I
> thought that you said that this didn't happen before, but looking
> through the emails again I don't see that.
> The add-pois-to-areas can cause similar problems if I remember.
> I will try to fix the mapsource style index so that it uses the region
> if there is no usable city. It will then work like the device index I hope.

Last week I did some improvements in Cuba's admin boundaries and I have 
done some more tests using the new bounds files:
MapSource: streets get correctly assigned Region and Country according 
to information in new bounds (ex: Kessel, Ciudad de la Habana, CUB)
POI: they are found, but no city, region, country is assigned, although 
it is available in bounds (ex: Trd Caribe)
BaseCamp: POI: they can be found and region+country is correctly added 
from bounds (ex: Trd Caribe, San Antonio de Baños, CUB)
Addresses: can't be found
nuvi: POI: they can be found and region is correctly added from bounds 
(ex: Trd Caribe, San Antonio de Baños)
addresses: no chance to search for addresses as Cuba is not present in 
the first step, spell country.
HCx: POI: some are found (ex: La Bodeguita, Trd Caribe) and some not (La 
Bodeguita del Medio).
addresses: although Cuba is not in the list of available regions, it is 
able to find streets: ex: Kessel, CUB
Removing add-pois-to-areas makes no difference, at least on MapSource 
and BaseCamp

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