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[mkgmap-dev] splitter r236

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Sat Nov 17 10:52:50 GMT 2012

Am 17.11.2012 11:37, schrieb GerdP:
> Henning Scholland wrote
>> Hi Gerd,
>> r236 works fine for planet. Log: http://www.aighes.de/data/mkgmap.zip
> Yes, that really looks much better than the previous logs. The changes in
> the run times
> for the diverse passes meet my assumptions.
> I guess you have also verified the missing fairy lines do appear now in
> 11000004 ?
Yes, they are fine now.

> Henning Scholland wrote
>> Another thought: What about only analysing the ways, if they cross/leave
>> a tile and keep them in mind. Afterwards read all relations and check,
>> if they contains a way, which is kept in mind. So relations must not be
>> builded to, but only the needed relations would be in the tile.
> I think this would not detect MP that enclose a tile
> (without having any way or point in it or crossing it).
Hmm...yes, you're right. It's very tricky: rels with type=boundary 
should only be in the tiles, there they have a way in and 
type=multipolygon should be in each tile, the area is touching.


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