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[mkgmap-dev] splitter improvements

From UliBaer ulibaer at gmail.com on Tue Nov 13 17:15:43 GMT 2012

I think the memory requirements are more dependent on the data than on the
splitter version:
I have a self created data set consisting of germany + ~50 kilometers plus
the data from iceland cut with osmconvert.exe from the europe.osm.pbf from
geofabrik, which is processed without errors with versions 225, 229, 230
and 231 using 32-Bit-jvm with Xmx1376m. When i use the about the same sized
1.9 GB "germany+"-dataset from here: ( ) i can't
get thru the data without java heap overflow, even with 64-Bit-jvm given
Xmx3000m. I think there is some kind of endless loop or the like, which
causes the algorithm to overflow the memory in some circumstances.

Anyway, good work until now! I'm eager to test further splitter versions
don't requiring the giant overlap-values for routing.
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