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[mkgmap-dev] R: Inconsistent search function

From Alice emmezetastudio at tiscali.it on Mon Nov 12 08:43:48 GMT 2012

el problema de cuba y de la habana es que el mapa falta de muchos datos
en los POI
Creo que tenemos que poner una regla para los POI y los boundary (la mas
reales es como la de puertorico o la de colombia)

Los navigadores tengon programa diferente de buscador y creo algunos q
se equivocan en las informaccion city/country.

Cuba y the habana city have some errors in POI points. I think thas is
necesary to make a rule for POI and boundary ( look like colombia,
puertorico boudary rules).
The search problem is for the different gps software that see in
different mode the poi information. Isnt easy to resolve.

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Oggetto: [mkgmap-dev] Inconsistent search function

An user of my Central America & Carib map [1] reported some problems 
searching for POI's. I've been testing it and found some inconsistency 
in the way search function works between MapSource/BaseCamp, Legend HCx 
and nuvi 300.
MapSource: if I search for a POI called "La Bodeguita" (under all POI or

Food & Drink categories) it finds La Bodeguita [2] and La Bodeguita del 
Medio [3] (no information about city/country is displayed). If I search 
for a POI called "Bar2", it finds "Bar2 del Malecon" [4] (no information

about city/country is displayed). Under the City tab, if I introduce "C"

in country box, the following countries are displayed: Cayman Islands 
(CYM), COL (Colombia), Colombia (COL), Costa Rica (CRI), Country, CRI 
(Costa Rica), CUB (Cuba), Cuba (CUB), CYM (Cayman Islands).
BaseCamp: searching for "La Bodeguita" returns: La Bodeguita del Medio, 
Ciudad de la Habana, CUB and La Bodeguita, DOM. Bar2 returns Bar2 del 
Malecon, Ciudad de la Habana, CUB.
HCx: If I search for "La Bodeguita", only La Bodeguita is found (no 
city/country). Searching for Bar2, it returns "Bar2 del Malecon, Ciudad 
de la Habana".
nuvi 300: it finds: La Bodeguita del Medio, Ciudad de la Habana; La 
Bodeguita (no city/country); Bar2 del Malecon, Ciudad de la Habana. If I
try to find an address, and type "C" at the "Spell country" prompt, 
only Costa Rica and Country can be found.
Results are the same with MapSource or mkgmap generated gmapsupp. None 
of the objects found has any is_in:* or addr:* information, so 
city/country must be gathered from admin boundaries. I use default 
mkgmap:place rules in my style. Map is generated with the following 
options (among others): --bounds=bounds --latin1 --code-page=1252 
--area-name=$MAPA --family-name="OpenStreetMap $MAPA"  
--series-name="OSM-$MAPA" --index --road-name-pois=0x640a 
--add-pois-to-areas --link-pois-to-ways --location-autofill=is_in 
($MAPA=Central America)
Any idea why these differences happen and how to fix them? Why some 
POI/Countries are not found?

[1] http://mapas.alternativaslibres.es/OpenStreetMap_Central-America.exe
[2] http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/596635668
[3] http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/355338535
[4] http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/1849671117
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