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[mkgmap-dev] spltter software design question

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Oct 22 20:08:20 BST 2012

Hi Steve,

> > - class AbstractMapReader should contain common code in (at least two)
> > readers
> > - class AbstractMapProcessor should contain common code in  (at least two)
> > processors
> > - class AbstractOSMWriter should contain common code in  (at least two)
> > writers
> Yes, that sounds fine.

OK, the pbf reader part is a bit difficult, because the interfaces are in the jar file, but the rest 
looks good to me.

> > b) The NodeCollector (used with parm --legacy-mode) seems to be obsolete to
> > me, I want to remove it
> > c) A few other helper classes are no longer in use (e.g. IntList, IntObjMap,
> > SparseInt2ShortMap). I'd like to move them to a folder called obsolete
> Let just remove everything that is not used.


> Over time there has been three different versions of the program that work
> in substantially different ways, so there are a few obsolete things.
> I'll set up a svn account for you too.

OK, please let me know how I can use it :-)

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