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[mkgmap-dev] MDR_TRIM_ADDR.CXX error

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Oct 22 13:00:46 BST 2012

On 22/10/12 12:34, Minko wrote:
> Thanks Steve,
> I've decided to use a Garmin category for place=locality that will not be indexed.
> Downloaded Spain with only place=locality, it won't open in JOSM so I think it is better not put it in the index at all ;-)
> Any idea what the warning message "point number too big" means?

It means that there is more than 256 points in a single subdivision. You 
can't have this in the index, so any such points are just not included 
and the messages is printed.

However, mkgmap is supposed to ensure that all subdivisions have less 
points than that. So I would expect a previous 'Area too small to split' 
message when compiling the tile.

I see the Henning's reply that he does in fact get that message.

The index should be fine, apart from possibly missing a few entries. In 
your particular file the affected points are all swimming pools without 
a name, so would not be in the index anyway.


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