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[mkgmap-dev] Flooding in Southern Scotland

From Roger Calvert roger at rogercalvert.me.uk on Fri Dec 30 20:01:42 GMT 2011

I have today downloaded new files for Scotland and England (and Wales) 
from Geofabrik, and I still get extensive sea flooding in NW England and 
SW Scotland. I have examined the coastlines in the area in as much 
detail as I can (using Potlatch 2 and Geofabrik Tools) and can't find 
any problems.

Has anybody else experienced this? Or please could someone else try 
compiling these, to test whether the problem is with my splitter/mkgmap 
use or is in the data.

My splitter command line is:
"%OSM%\splitter\splitter.jar" --mapid=%fn%%fid%001 --max-nodes=2500000 
--cache=%2 --description=%country-name% --max-threads=auto %1

My mkgmap command line is:
%OSM%\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar" --code-page=1252 --latin1 --mapname="%map%" 
--family-id=%FID% --mapname="66%FID%001" --overview-mapname="%map%" 
--series-name="%map%" --family-name="Roger's Maps: %map%" 
--description="%map%" --no-poi-address --ignore-maxspeeds 
--remove-short-arcs --preserve-element-order --lower-case --route --net 
--tdbfile --gmapsupp 
--style-file=..\resources\styles --style=roger -c template.args

Many thanks


Roger Calvert

On 09/12/2011 19:59, Roger Calvert wrote:
> This sounds like today's weather reports, but it isn't.
> For some time I have been downloading the England, Scotland and Wales 
> files from Geofabrik, and compiling these with mkgmap.
> Today, I have encountered a problem with sea flooding in SW 
> Scotland/NW England. Compiling Scotland alone works fine. Compiling 
> England has a small area of flooding around Carlisle. Compiling both 
> together produces a very large area of flooding in both England and 
> Scotland.
> Screenshots from mapsource for these last two are at
> http://www.rogercalvert.me.uk/OSM/england.jpg
> and
> http://www.rogercalvert.me.uk/OSM/uk.jpg
> respectively.
> My command line includes
> --generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=1000,floodblocker
> Has anyone else encountered this? I would appreciate any ideas as to 
> where to look for the problem.
> Many thanks,
> Roger
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