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[mkgmap-dev] Base style sub-styles

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sat Dec 24 11:16:05 GMT 2011

Thanks Steve, it works, except for the base-style=location.
If I replace the loaction rules from the default style files to the location styles,
the locator doesn't do its job anymore. Is this a known issue?

Steve wrote:

The following works in this situation:


and it would also pick up the missing styles from the classpath.

This is because --style-file is the location of a collection of styles
and the --style argument picks out one of the styles from that location.
Using --style-file=styles/default is really a shortcut for when there
is only one style in the collection.

So in this example, mkgmap will read the style 'default' from the
directory 'style'. For the base-style 'contours_ft' it first
looks in the 'styles' directory and if not found there, then it will
look at the builtin style location.

The bug is that if --style-file=styles/default, then it should fail
to find the base-style and give an appropriate error -- or it should
find it, if it is one of the built in styles as in this case.

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