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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin now has a completly revamped map format - or changes now seem to be pretty dialled in.... good or bad for mkgmap ??

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Thu Dec 15 17:03:02 GMT 2011

Well for right now some things:

Unpaved roads are not properly avoided any more over longer distances.
Motorcycle behaves like the old automotive routing in Mapsource 6.16.3; 
Automotive is still pretty similar. In reality there are the following 
different routing algorythms:
a) automotive/trucking
b) bicycle/tour bicycle/mtb
c) motorcycling
d) atv/dirtbike
e) walking/hiking/mountaineering

Of course none are interested in the old way of how things behaved with 
For bicycle at least I couldn't identify any avoidance to work as 
expected (also things like residential streets 0x07 are not avoided at 
all). Over long distances there is however a subtle difference based on 
avoidances - but I cannot identify at all on what it is based...

On 15.12.2011 14:09, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> See the announcement of Basecmap here: 
> https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?t=24413
> It's still beta - and I wouldn't expect the final version to appear 
> before end of January - but loads of changes.
> Especially the routing avoidances have been revamped and are now 
> completly different. Avoidances like bicycle, motorcar and so on are 
> now officially a thing of the past and don't show up in the menu 
> anymore. Therefore much more road classes can be avoided. Which means 
> we have to find out which avoidance affects which road type [0x??] and 
> if roadclass / roadspeed play any role.
> So we now have (for everyone who cannot see the screenshot)
> Road Type Avoidances: Interstates ; Major Highways; State Highway; 
> Residential Roads; Unpaved Roads
> Feature Type Avoidances: Toll Roads; Ferries; U-Turns; Cable Cars; 
> Narrow Trails; Carpool Lanes; Date and Time Closures; Climbing Paths; 
> Roundabouts; U-Turns
> Also note that there will be different map layout modes based on 
> profiles for newer maps -- reading the announcements I think Garmin 
> will introduce a more or less completly new map format in future --- 
> and I wouldn't be surprised if by summer we will see official Garmin 
> Maps in Europe fully based on Openstreetmap - cause they need our 
> attribution for achieving their goals..
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