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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin now has a completly revamped map format - or changes now seem to be pretty dialled in.... good or bad for mkgmap ??

From Felix Hartmann felhartmann at gmail.com on Thu Dec 15 13:09:30 GMT 2011

See the announcement of Basecmap here: 
It's still beta - and I wouldn't expect the final version to appear 
before end of January - but loads of changes.

Especially the routing avoidances have been revamped and are now 
completly different. Avoidances like bicycle, motorcar and so on are now 
officially a thing of the past and don't show up in the menu anymore. 
Therefore much more road classes can be avoided. Which means we have to 
find out which avoidance affects which road type [0x??] and if roadclass 
/ roadspeed play any role.

So we now have (for everyone who cannot see the screenshot)
Road Type Avoidances: Interstates ; Major Highways; State Highway; 
Residential Roads; Unpaved Roads

Feature Type Avoidances: Toll Roads; Ferries; U-Turns; Cable Cars; 
Narrow Trails; Carpool Lanes; Date and Time Closures; Climbing Paths; 
Roundabouts; U-Turns

Also note that there will be different map layout modes based on 
profiles for newer maps -- reading the announcements I think Garmin will 
introduce a more or less completly new map format in future --- and I 
wouldn't be surprised if by summer we will see official Garmin Maps in 
Europe fully based on Openstreetmap - cause they need our attribution 
for achieving their goals..
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