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[mkgmap-dev] Double Entries in Search Index

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Sat Dec 10 09:25:48 GMT 2011

I just checked that in City Navigator many streets can be found under 
several cities. Especially in Vienna and other cities that are both a 
Land and a city this would be very useful. Although I would like to  be 
able to define that I can search for streets in both the english name 
city, as well as the local name of the city if an english name exists 
(that's not as important though).

For the address search in Vienna to be useful one currently needs this 
additional rule:

( mkgmap:country=AT | mkgmap:country=AUT ) & mkgmap:admin_level4=* & 
name=Wien { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level4}' }
I think other cities that have the same problem could be Berlin, 
Hamburg, Hong Kong.....

Oh and besides AT is missing in the country replacement list for Austria....

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